Multiply Your Bounty

Free-Lance? Privateer?

How'd ye like to earn more without workin' more?

Nobody needs to tell YOU your time is precious. (Yarrr! Money!) But how do ye get your hooks on more golden galleons without taking on the whole armada? Without runnin' around so frantic your peg leg starts to smoke? Even the savviest buccaneer can only sail one ship at a time.

The answer lies in The Time Pirate Creed.

The Time Pirate Creed

Time be money! That is the nut of the Time Pirate's Creed. Be savvy with yer time, or yer time will be savvy with you. Savvy?

To be a true Time Pirate, ye must…

And more. Truth be told, there's a lot more to Time Piratin' than I can fit on this little scroll here. But to be yer best as a buccaneer, it's a code ye must adhere to, and an art ye must master.

Read on, if yer hard enough. I will teach ye the ways of The Time Pirate.

Yer Own Hidden Treasure

I've been sailin' the consulting seas for more'n 13 years! I know where the treasure is buried. It's the pirate life for me… and I want ye to join me.

That's why I'm offerin' ye my totally free, no strings attached
(no planks walked) Free-lance Treasure Map
to help ye find where the treasure is buried in yer existing company.

Mark my words, lads and lassies—ye don't have to venture far afoot to find hidden treasure. You're lettin' it slip from your very own coffers!

Aye, a true Time Pirate will be able to ferret out those shiny doubloons.

And with my free Treasure Map, ye'll be able to spot 'em, too.

A Pirate's Word

Take good care of ye time and ye time will take good care of you—
and ye can retire to the shores of Tortuga!

Scratch down your email for my free Treasure Map, follow the coordinates it lays down, and ye'll find yourself in clearer waters anon.

Yours in infamy,


Freelance Treasure Map

Get yer time shipshape this summer.
I'll send you my free 8-part Treasure Map.
Just sign your name and email on the dotted line.

avast! send me my free map!